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PHP & AJAX Code Generator Software for MySQL and able to generate php form
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12 July 2009

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ScriptArtist 3.0 is a powerful AJAX and PHP code generator utility for MySQL which allows you to generate different PHP forms. Using the tool, developers can effectively save a lot of their time, they otherwise spend on creating completed CRUD operations, generating web forms, retrieving information from entire database fields or user-defined fields, and performing different other such tasks. The program has been developed to deliver high performance, along with numerous professional web forms and web templates for easy usage. It efficiently aids you in developing impressive database web applications quickly. Further, it comprises of project builder wizard, visual query builder, ArtistForm, Web Form Designs, CSS stylesheet code generator, MySQL Scripts, Data validation, FCKEditor, and many other features.

ScriptArtist 3.0 provides wizard-driven interface options for creating and loading a project, and accessing help documents. While creating a new project, you can commence with selecting General or Template category. Using a template is easier, but if you’re going for General category then you can use Blank Project or Project Builder to work with. Now, for example if you’ve selected Project Builder, the wizard opens with Project Settings prompting you to define project name, project location, default font, font size, encoding, and doc type. Configuring these, click Next that would take you to Database Connection settings for creating new or using an existing connection. Press ‘Next’ button, following which the program connects to the database presenting tables for selection. The further steps include Available Fields for Key Fields selection, and ‘Select Pages’ step to set login page for security and choose page type to be generated for you tables like DataGrid, Search, Add, Edit, Delete, More and Email page type. Last step of the project building is the selection of themes, buttons and calendar if required. Finally, the created project loads on main interface, from where you can preview project in web browser, edit the project attributes using toolbox and properties panel, and use other provided options for further customization.

ScriptArtist aids developers in working with web-forms, retrieve information from database fields, and do more while saving much of their valuable time. With its wide feature-range coupled with the marvelous and reliable functioning, the utility is found worthy of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

ScriptArtist - PHP & AJAX Code Generator Software for MySQL and able to generate php form. ScriptArtist helps you save a lot of developing times to create the completed CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, & Delete), easily generates web forms (email or contact form) retrieved information from either database fields or user-defined fields, a tons of theme & button styles provided and many more.
Key Features:
- PHP Code Generator.
- AJAX Technology Support.
- Visual Query Builder.
- Completed CRUD Operations.
- Free Unique Web Form Designs, ArtistForm
- Export Abilities
- A tons of professional themes and button styles.
- CSS stylesheet code generator.
- A number of web templates design of premium quality provided with sample databases.
- MySQL Scripts for sample files included.
- Project Builder Wizard.
- Several premium designs of record layouts.
- Paging and library navigation styles.
- Waiting or loading messages on top of background.
- Master-details ability supported.
- Simple and advanced search abilities.
- Sorting ability.
- Data grouping and summary fields supported .
- Email forms generator (Combination of User-Defined Fields and Database Fields).
- File uploading to a folder with unique file name generated.
- Static and dynamic security.
- Level of security (user groups).
- Data validation.
- Image verification to prevent spam on web forms (CAPTCHA).
- FCKEditor supported.
- Light Box integrated.
Version 3.0
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